Introduction to Grease

What is Grease?

Base Stock + Additives + Thickener = Grease

  • A solid to semi solid product of dispersion of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant. Other ingridients imparting special properties may be included.
  • To dicrease dripping, spattering, and leakage of lubricants.
  • To seal out contaminants.
  • When oil circulation is impractical.
  • To suspend oil additives.
  • For intermittent, extreme, and special operation conditions.
  • Sealed for life operations.

What makes up a grease?

  • Thickener may be soap, polyurea, or clay
  • Base fluid may be mineral or synthetic
  • Many different additives may be used

Types of Grease Thickeners

1. Complex Soap Thickeners Soap Based Thickeners

  • Fatty Acid + Metal Hydroxide = Soap
  • Soap named according to metal hydroxide (i.e. Lithium)
  • Fatty Acid + Di-Acid + Metal Hydroxide = Complex Soap
  • Di-Acid increases melting point and shear stability of soap

2. Polyurea Thickeners

  • Non-soap thickeners
  • Inherent anti-oxidant properties

3. Clay (Bentonite) Thickeners

  • Do not melt at high temperatures


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