Limitations & Advantages of Greases

Limitations of Greases

1. Heat removal is not efficient

2. Dirt removal is difficult

  • Grease is not re-circulated and filtered
  • Purging may be helpful
  • Cleanliness/lubrication frequency are key

3. Requires special equipment to apply

  • More powerful pumps/largerlines
  • Grease guns
  • Automatic lubricators

Advantages of Greases

1. Provide good sealing

  • Keeps dirt and water out
  • Less dripping and splattering

2. Excellent for many high temperature operations

  • Does not “thin out”

3. Ideal for intermittent operations

  • Will not drain away when operation stops
  • Speed changes, reverse direction

4. Load carrying ability

  • High pressure / low speeds / shock loading
  • Solid lubricant additives: moly, graphite

5. Aid to mechanical operation

6. Can be “fine-tuned” to an application


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