Overview Of Solutions for Static Electricity (1)

Electrostatic attraction (ESA)
A variety of equipment is available to resolve this problem in many different ways. Some examples follow :

A) Injection Moulding – Neutralisation
Bathe components in ionised air. Often using AC Ionised air blowers or Pulsed DC bars. This method will not remove attracted particles but will help prevent charging and thus prevent attraction of dust.

B) Injection Moulding – Particle Removal
Where particles have already been attracted they can be removed effectively by the use of high velocity ionised air. Note: The use of ordinary compressed air will often fail to remove dust. It can also worsen the problem by generating further static charges on the material.
C) Webs
Single or doubled sided web cleaners could be deployed in this situation or high velocity blow off systems, air curtains etc.,
D) Silk Screen Printing – Long Range
Long range Pulsed DC Bars can be used to eliminate charged screens without causing drying. Ionising guns or air curtains can remove attracted particles from substrates pre printing.
E) Semi Conductors – Long Range
Pulsed DC can be used for this situation – stand alone or using air assist from HEPA filters.


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