Overview Of Solutions for Static Electricity (2)

Material Misbehaviour

A) Webs
Most commonly solved using AC ionising bars.

Bars can be positioned either side of a web to achieve the best results, usually at the point where the problem occurs, or just prior to this position. An example would be where a web exits a roller or at the exit rollers of a flat bag making machine.

B) Sheets
Two major problems exist with sheets – they can repel or stick together when collating. On sheet feeders, static attraction causes multiple sheet pick-up rather than the single sheets required.

C) Component Sticking And Repelling
On conveyors or bowl feeders, small plastic components can stick to the belt or inside the track of the bowl feeder: this leads to down time and ineffective production flow. Where components repel each other they can jump off or out of the delivery system. Deploying ionising bars , long range preferably (AC bars with air assist or Pulsed DC) can resolve this problem. Where larger components are concerned, repelling can cause components to fall over whilst in process transport e.g. blow moulded bottles on conveyors. The parrisons on blow moulding machines also can repel each other causing quality problems.


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