6. Should I rewind a failed motor?
Although failed motors can usually be rewound, it is often worthwhile to replace a damaged motor with a new energy-efficient model to save energy and improve reliability.

When calculating operating costs for rewound motors, deduct one efficiency point for motors exceeding 40 hp and two points for smaller motors. Have motors rewound only at reliable repair shops that use low temperature (under 700°F) bakeout ovens, high quality materials, and a quality assurance program based on EASA-Q or ISO-9000. Ask the repair shop to conduct a core loss or loop test as part of their rewind procedures.
Select a new energy-efficient motor under any of the following conditions:
• The motor is less than 40 hp.
• An energy-efficient motor is recommended according to Table 3.
• The cost of the rewind exceeds 65% of the price of a new motor.
• The motor was rewound before 1980.

to be continued…

Source : Fact Sheet – US Department of Energy

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