9. How can I obtain motor prices and efficiency values?

MotorMaster+ software helps you choose the most efficient and cost-effective motor for your application.

The MotorMaster+ database contains performance information and list prices for over 13,800 NEMA design B motors, ranging from 1 to 600 hp. Full- and part-load efficiencies, power factor, full-load rpm, voltage, frame size, service factor, and list price are available for each model. You specify the horsepower, speed, enclosure type, and operating voltage to obtain a list of available models ranked in order of descending full-load efficiency values.
MotorMaster+ calculates the energy consumption of a motor in a specific application, taking into account efficiency ratings, energy costs, hours of use, and load factor. It calculates the load and annual energy efficiency of the existing motor (based upon field measurements), demand and dollar savings, and simple payback period due to selecting a more efficient motor model. Utility rebate values can be incorporated in payback or life-cycle cost calculations.
MotorMaster+ can be obtained by contacting the Motor Challenge Information Clearinghouse at (800) 862-2086. You will receive disks, telephone support, and a users’ manual. MotorMaster+ requires an IBM-compatible computer with the capacity to run Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, or Windows 95. This means a 386 or higher microprocessor, at least 8 MB of memory, and a hard disk with at least 15 MB of free disk space.

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Source : Fact Sheet – US Department of Energy

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