Motor Trouble-Shooting (6)

Motor overload protector continually trips.

Like Causes:
1. Load too high.
2. Ambient temperature too high.
3. Protector may be defective.
4. Winding shorted or grounded.

What To Do:
1. Verify that the load is not jammed. If motor is a replacement, verify that the rating is the same as the old motor. If previous motor was a special design, a stock motor may not be able to duplicate the performance. Remove the load from the motor and inspect the amp draw of the motor unloaded. It should be less than the full load rating stamped on the nameplate.
2. Verify that the motor is getting enough air for proper cooling. Most motors are designed to run in an ambient temperature of less than 40°C. (Note: A properly operating motor may be hot to the touch.)
3. Replace the motor’s protector with a new one of the same rating.
4. Inspect stator for defects, or loose or cut wires that may cause it to go to ground.


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