IGBT Basic (3)

3. Basic Characteristics
3-1. Advantages, Disadvantages and Characteristic Comparison with BJT and MOSFET

(1) High forward conduction current density and low on-state voltage drop:
The IGBT has a very low on-state voltage drop due to conductivity modulation and has superior on-state current density compared to the power MOSFET and bipolar transistor. So a smaller chip size is possible and the cost can be reduced.
(2) Low driving power and a simple drive circuit due to the input MOS gate structure:
The IGBT can easily be controlled as compared to current controlled devices (thyristor, BJT) in high voltage and high current applications.
(3) Wide SOA:
With respect to output characteristics, the IGBT has superior current conduction capability
compared with the bipolar transistor. It also has excellent forward and reverse blocking

(1) Switching speed (less than 100kHz) is inferior to that of the power MOSFETs, but it is superior to that of the BJT. The collector current tailing due to the minority carrier causes the turn-off speed to be slow.
(2) There is the possibility of latch-up due to the internal PNPN thyristor structure.
The Characteristics Comparison with a BJT and a MOSFET

to be continued…………..


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