Types of Maintenance Programs (6)

6. How to Initiate Reliability Centered Maintenance

The road from a purely reactive program to a RCM program is not an easy one.

The following is a list of some basic steps that will help to get moving down this path.
1. Develop a Master equipment list identifying the equipment in your facility.
2. Prioritize the listed components based on importance to process.
3. Assign components into logical groupings.
4. Determine the type and number of maintenance activities required and periodicity using:
a. Manufacturer technical manuals
b. Machinery history
c. Root cause analysis findings – Why did it fail?
d. Good engineering judgment
5. Assess the size of maintenance staff.
6. Identify tasks that may be performed by operations maintenance personnel.
7. Analyze equipment failure modes and effects.
8. Identify effective maintenance tasks or mitigation strategies.


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