Thermography (3)

3.2 Mechanical System Applications

Rotating equipment applications are only a small subset of the possible areas where thermography can be used in a mechanical predictive maintenance program. In addition to the ability to detect problems associated with bearing failure, alignment, balance, and looseness, thermography can be used to define many temperature profiles indicative of equipment operational faults or failure.

The following list provides a few application examples and is not all inclusive:
• Steam Systems
– Boilers
• Refractory
• Tubes
– Traps
– Valves
– Lines
• Heaters and furnaces
– Refractory inspections
– Tube restrictions
• Fluids
– Vessel levels
– Pipeline blockages
• Environmental
– Water discharge patterns
– Air discharge patterns
• Motors and rotating equipment
– Bearings
• Mechanical failure
• Improper lubrication
– Coupling and alignment problems
– Electrical connections on motors
– Air cooling of motors

to be continued……….


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