Thermography (4)

3.3 Roof Thermography

Out of sight, out of mind. This old adage is particularly true when it applies to flat roof maintenance. We generally forget about the roof until it leaks on our computers, switchgear, tables, etc. Roof replacement can be very expensive and at a standard industrial complex easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Depending on construction, length of time the roof has leaked, etc., actual building structural components can be damaged from inleakage and years of neglect that drive up repair cost further. Utilization of thermography to detect loss of a flat roof’s membrane integrity is an application that can provide substantial return by minimizing area of repair/replacement. Roof reconditioning cost can be expected to run less than half of new roof cost per square foot. Add to this the savings to be gained from reconditioning a small percentage of the total roof surface, instead of replacement of the total roof, and the savings can easily pay for roof surveys and occasional repair for the life of the building with change left over.

to be continued……..


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