Braking a drive system (1)

When is braking needed?

In many applications, being able to stop safely and precisely is as important as being able to start and accelerate quickly. Obvious examples include cranes, elevators and ski lifts, but quick and precise stopping is also necessary in machine tools, feed equipment and many other processes.

Design of the braking system

Evaluating the braking requirement goes back to the mechanical fundamentals of the process. Typically, there will be a requirement to brake the mechanical system within a specific time. There may also be sub-cycles in the process where a moving load forces the motor to operate as a generator. Any devices used for braking must be dimensioned for the braking power required. This depends on braking torque and speed; the higher the speed, the higher the power. In electrical braking systems, this power is transferred as a certain voltage and current; the higher
the voltage, the lower the current needed for the same power.


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