Sensor-less Vector Control

This sensor-less vector control performs the vector control of the induction motor without use of the speed sensor. Conventionally, there has been the V/f control without the speed sensor. However, this sensor-less vector control provides the simple control feature of the V/f control and the high performance of the vector control. The following describes the features of the sensor-less vector control.

(1) Sensor installation and wiring construction are not required.
(2) This control is applicable to motors, in which the sensor cannot be installed, such as two-axis motors or super high-speed motors, and other motors, which require special sensors, such as explosion-proof motors.
(3) This vector control technology is used for parallel drive of multiple motors, which is difficult to control by the conventional vector control.
(4) This sensor-less vector control provides excellent stability and large start-up torque when compared to the V/f control.
(5) The torque can be limited, ensuring stable rapid acceleration and deceleration.


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