IGBT Gate Drivers in High-Frequency Induction Cookers (1)

Efficiency of induction cookers is 84 percent
Today, with the constant demand for energy saving devices, high-frequency induction cookers, already a trend in Europe, are gaining popularity in the rest of the world. These kitchen devices offer high efficiency that reduces energy usage, reduces cooking time and, simultaneously, improves user safety, particularly around children, since all heat is localized to the pan itself.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the typical efficiency of induction cookers is 84% compared to the 40 percent of gas cookers. In this article, two typical induction cooker designs, the halfbridge series-resonant and the quasiresonant topology, are discussed. The merits and disadvantages of these two high-frequency inverter topologies along with three gate driver circuits, discrete transistors, optocouplers integrated circuit and transformers for high frequency
operation are also discussed.

What is induction cooking?
In an induction cooktop, a magnetic field transfers electric energy directly to the object to be heated. By inducing in electric current into the ferrous cooking utensil, heat is generated in the object, and the cooking surface only gets hot from the heat reflected from the object being heated: no heat is directly produced by the induction element. Because of this direct transfer of energy, there are fewer losses, which translates to a higher level of efficiency.
This compares with conventional cooking in which a heat source, for example an electrical resistance element or a flame, transfers heat energy to the cooking pot. The two-step energy transfer is inherently less efficient than direct inductive heating.


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